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Dirk alles gute zum B-Day :yahoo:
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Alles gute Taze zum Geburtstag
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Alles Gute Praxe zum B-Deay
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Allers gute whitelight :prost:
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Alles Gute Leo, du lieber Österreich er :*lol*: :*lol*:
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bis Donnerstag ! Schönen Urlaub :tongueout:

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Video Will Not Display on Screen! Help!

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# 26.10.2017 - 12:16:38


, this is going to be a tough question. Last night I built my new computer, the only thing I don't have in it yet is my 1070 graphics card, which is on its way. Everything works fine on the pc. No CPU lights, no RAM lights, It's reading the hard drive just fine, front usb ports work, but here is the kicker. I have a 600w power supply and I have 4 fans on top of a cpu cooler fan. The issue I am having is that when I plug my HDMI, VGA, or DVI cable into the back of the motherboard, nothing pops up on screen. So I did a lot of messing around. Moved ram in and out and into new spots, unplugged everything besides what is needed for the motherboard because I thought power may have been an issue. Tried multiple monitors and multiple cords for each cord. I have tried everything. the weirdest thing is, is when I plug my mouse or keyboard into the back of the motherboard, it works and lights up like it has enough power. It just won't give a video signal to a monitor from any of those cords. I have tried clearing the CMOS as well. What makes it so confusing is that there are no warning lights nor issues that seem to be wrong with the computer. If anyone could give me some help that would be awesome.

Thank you!

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